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Parramore Community Event to Provide Range of Resources & Services

The Desire Foundation Inc. aims to provide community resources in Parramore, utilizing a boots-on-the-ground approach which includes the first community event of the year in partnership with Interstruct Inc.

The event will take place on Saturday, March 18th, starting at 12pm and ending at 4pm at The Interstruct Lot – 814 Church Street, Orlando, Florida 32805. There will be a range of resources and services provided, including food, haircuts, phone charging stations, vaccines, and support from community partners. Here are some additional details:

The dinner menu includes:
Baked chicken, potato salad, rice and beans, green beans, mixed veggies, cornbread, and leafy greens.

The local resources available include:
Phone charging stations, health insurance, HIV testing, mental health resources, life insurance resources, government-issued ID, Hepatitis A vaccines, free tablets, free haircuts, and vaccines such as the Monkeypox vaccine, Hepatitis A vaccine, Meningococcal vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, and flu shots.

For more information, see the contact information for The Desire Foundation:

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