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Parking Rates Increase at Orlando International Airport

Parking rates have increased at Orlando International Airport, jumping $5 daily from the previous price and now costing $24/day at the Terminal A, B, and C garages.

The Orlando International Airport said due to increased operational and maintenance costs, the expected opening of new parking facilities this fall and the introduction of Reservation Parking, the fee structure at MCO’s facilities has been readjusted from the previously approved rates.

The higher prices also seem to reflect the increased demand and traffic at the airport, and another way to increase revenue.

The new parking rates at the Orlando airport are:

  • Garages A, B & C Up to $24.00/day
  • Valet Rate Up to $35.00/day
  • Surface Lots Up to $20.00/day
  • Economy Lots Up to $14.00/day
  • Reserved Parking Up to $32.00/day

The math breaks down to $2 for 21 to 30 minutes, then $1 for each additional 15 minutes (or any part thereof from the time of entry) up to a maximum of $24/day.

The North and South Cell Phone Lots remain free. There is a grace period for first 20 minutes at the airport garages.

Hotel guest parking is now $19/day for self (previously $14), and $28/day for valet (previously $18).

The parking rates are also referenced as “up to” to give the CEO the ability from time to time to adjust the rate for promotional or loyalty activities.

The previous parking rates were $19/day for garages at Terminals A, B, and C; $25/day for valet; and $10/day for economy lots.

The new Orlando airport parking rates began October 1, 2023.

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  1. Parking fees are ridiculous. I would be willing to pay more if I didn’t have to drive around for an hour looking for a spot and nearly miss my flights. Economy at $14 a day will now have me looking elsewhere.


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