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Orlando Representative Files Cost-of-Living Adjustment Bill

Earlier this year, Orlando State Representative Johanna López, a Democrat, filed House Bill 181. This legislation specifies the minimum amount of factor used to calculate the cost-of-living adjustment of benefits for certain retirees and beneficiaries of the Florida Retirement System (FRS). It provides our retired Floridians the necessary resources to live under better conditions after a life of hard work.

“It’s time to provide an increase of the Cost of Living to the people who have worked for our communities and do not have an income that matches the current economic challenges,” Representative López said. “HB 181 would provide them a relieve to live with dignity in the Sunshine State.”

West Palm Beach Representatives Jervonte “Tae” Edmonds and Boynton Beach Representative Joe Casello, both Democrats, are proud to co-sponsor this legislation. They said they will work alongside Representative Johanna López to fight for Florida’s Retirees.

“Our retirees living on a fixed income have been hit hard over the past few years,” said Representative Casello. “It’s about time we in the Legislature pass HB 181 to fix the FRS system and tie it’s benefits to a reasonable cost of living adjustment so our public servants don’t continue to fall further and further behind.”

View House Bill 181 for more information.

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