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Orlando Representative Celebrates Puerto Rico Day at Florida Capitol

Orlando State Representative Johanna López, a Democrat, celebrated Puerto Rico Day at the Florida Capitol this week. Alongside Representative López, the co-hosts for the event included Orlando State Senator Victor Torres, also a Democrat, and partnering organizations.

“Puerto Rico Day at the Capitol is a celebration of the shared history, traditions, and vibrant spirit that defines the Puerto Rican people,” said Representative Johanna López. “I am honored to be part of this showcase that promotes understanding and bipartisan discussions about the needs of our diverse community.”

Puerto Rico Day at the Capitol showcases the unique culture and history of the Puerto Rican people. According to the Democratic lawmaker, it provides an opportunity for the community to discuss legislative priorities with elected officials.

Puerto Rican organizations from across the state were able to present and there were panel discussions, cultural events, tours of each chamber, and more, honoring the legacy of former Democratic State Representative Anthony “Tony” Suarez from Orlando.

For more information, visit Puerto Rico Day online.

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