Orlando Magic Congratulates Obama

We at the Orlando Magic congratulate President Barack Obama as he assumes the ultimate responsibility of the highest office in the land. We join the chorus of overwhelming pride and best wishes as the new President takes his place as the democratically elected leader of our nation and steps onto the stage of history. We wish him well and pause to reflect with the rest of the nation on what an historic and special moment this is for all Americans.

One day, many NBA seasons from now, children will sit at their grandparents knees, hear of this legendary moment, when the son of a man from Kenya raised his right hand, placed his left hand on the Bible and swore to protect and defend the constitution of the United States, and fully appreciate what it means for the forward advance of freedom and opportunity for our nation.

Like President Obama we understand that working together through many different voices, backgrounds and cultures is where our greatest opportunity for success lies.  Our team represents the Orlando community and we wouldn’t be who we are without our outstanding fans and exceptional employees.


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