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Orlando-Based aVenue Event Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary

aVenue Event Group, a premier unique venue and event management company based in Orlando, celebrated its 10th anniversary this month. Founded in 2013 by Sean Hughes and Ashley Miller, aVenue has recently expanded into new markets, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Aspen, and Miami.

aVenue OrlandoSince its inception, aVenue has planned, produced, and executed thousands of weddings and events for clients across the nation. The company’s mission is to reimagine what has been done in hospitality and to ditch the ballroom. aVenue has created a family of brands that cater specifically to its clientele, including aVenue Management, aVenue Events, aVenue Weddings, and aVenue Innovative Planning.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating our 10th anniversary,” said CEO Sean Hughes. “Events mean everything to me personally, as the human experience, by design, is meant to be shared with others. Events are the culmination of life experiences. You will remember a significant event for the rest of your life, and I am overjoyed that aVenue has played even a little part in fostering lifelong memories for so many in our communities. It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and hard work.”

“We started aVenue with a vision to reimagine the way people think about hospitality, event planning, and management,” COO Ashley Miller added. “Our goal was to offer unique, non-traditional venues and exceptional planning services that cater specifically to our client’s needs. Our entire team is amazing with exceptional planning skills and I know their hard work and dedication is how we have accomplished so much in 10 years. As event planners, we have the privilege of celebrating life’s special moments with our clients by creating unique, unforgettable events and that is something we will always be grateful for.”

The Orlando company has produced over 3,000 events and weddings for clients in Florida and across the country, with a focus on reimagining hospitality and ditching the ballroom.

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