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Orlando 23-Year-Old Kidnapped, Robbed, Murdered Man in Wooded Area

An Orlando 23-year-old kidnapped, robbed, and murdered another man, dragging him to a secluded wooded area where the body was never recovered.

An Orange County jury found 23-year-old Andres Robayo Cardenas guilty of First Degree Murder after he and his accomplices beat, robbed, kidnapped, shot and killed a man in 2019.

On May 14, 2019, Cardenas met the victim, Jack Crane, whom he was already acquainted with, at a restaurant on Narcoossee Road. Cardenas drove Crane to a Central Florida Airbnb in Polk County, where, pursuant to his pre-arranged plan, he and his accomplices beat and robbed him.

They then stuffed Mr. Crane into the trunk of Cardenas’ vehicle. Cardenas drove the car to a secluded wooded area where Crane was dragged out of the trunk and shot and killed.

Crane’s body was left in the wooded area and has never been recovered.

The Orlando Police Department and members from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement assisted in identifying Cardenas and his accomplices.

After a seven-day trial, a jury found Cardenas guilty of First Degree Murder.

The judge set his sentencing date for July 12th. First Degree Murder carries a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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  1. Is Orlando run by a liberal Mayor? Why is there so much crime? Are there a lot of gangs? Why was only Cardenas charged? Who were the other accomplices? What would make a young man waste his life by killing this man? What is the back story? Why was Cardenas meeting Jack Crane in the first place. There has to be more to this. Is ot gang related? What can Orlando do about gangs? What did other cities do to stop gang-related crimes? Please fo something. No one wants to come to Disney or Universal or Busch Gardens if this kind of crime happens regularly or randomly in Orlando. Was Crane trying to buy drugs or proposition Cardenas?


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