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Orange-Osceola State Attorney Bain Establishes Violent Crimes Unit

State Attorney Andrew Bain recently announced the creation of a Violent Crimes Unit in the Ninth Judicial Circuit.

State Attorney Bain said his office recognizes the ongoing need for targeted efforts to combat violent crime and gun crime in Orange County and Osceola County.

“Our office is determined to meet the most violent criminals with our most aggressive prosecutors,” State Attorney Bain said. “The Violent Crimes Unit is made up of five experienced prosecutors who have strong track records of prosecuting violent felony offenders. This unit will work to disrupt violent activity in our community and protect the public’s safety by swiftly and comprehensively moving serious cases through the criminal justice system to get these offenders off the streets. People deserve to live in a society without the threat of becoming a victim of violent crime and that is what we hope to accomplish with this unit.”

The Violent Crimes Unit started work on February 12th and will be responsible for handling the most serious cases in the local Felony Bureau except homicides, including:

• Attempted Murders
• Kidnappings
• Carjackings
• Home Invasions
• Armed Robberies

According to the State Attorney, this dedicated unit allows Central Florida prosecutors to work more closely with law enforcement to build solid cases and serves as a crucial crime prevention measure by mitigating the risk of serious offender’s potentially escalating to more severe and even capital felony offenses.

The Violent Crimes Unit is part of the Felony Bureau, which is comprised of nine units.

Since coming into office six months ago after being appointed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, State Attorney Andrew Bain has prioritized addressing the shortage of experienced prosecutors in the circuit and has hired 25 assistant state attorneys to-date. There are now 165 prosecutors working to get justice for victims in the local circuit and make communities safer.

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