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Ocoee Representative Passes Tyre Sampson Act Through First Committee

Ocoee State Representative LaVon Bracy Davis’s legislation on Safety Standards for Amusement Rides, also known as the Tyre Sampson Act, passed its first committee.

Tyre Sampson was a promising young man who visited Orlando almost exactly one year ago for spring break and fell 400 feet from the Free Fall ride when his harness failed. Tragically, Tyre died on impact.

“On behalf of the Sampson family, we are incredibly grateful to Senator Thompson and Representative Bracy Davis for their dedication to The Sampson family and the safety of all Floridians,” stated Todd Michaels and Michael Haggard, attorneys from The Haggard Law Firm who represent Sampson’s mother. “We are also grateful to the bipartisan unanimous group of Senators and Representatives who have voted to move this good bill forward. Tyre Sampson was a 14-year-old son, star student, and star athlete who lost his life in a tragic and preventable accident that was the direct result of unthinkable negligence. This bill ensures that Tyre’s legacy will be to make sure that an incident like this never happens to anyone else’s child.”

This Tyre Sampson Act creates more safety precautions and inspections for amusement park rides including stricter safety standards, more signage, and further inspections.

“Tyre Sampson was a smart, athletic, and kind boy with big dreams that he will never be able to accomplish,” Representative Bracy Davis stated. “What happened to Tyre was devastating, leaving a hole in his family that will never be filled. Visitors from out of state, like Tyre, as well as Floridians, should be able to trust that we do our due diligence to keep them safe when they come to enjoy the many attractions Florida offers. This bill will do that, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to get this bill to the floor.”

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