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New Stricter Rules for eScooters in Tampa: Fees & Reward ‘Bounty’

New stricter rules surrounding the use of shared eScooters and eBikes in Tampa were announced citywide.

Now in effect, riders MUST park their shared e-vehicles in city-approved docking stations ONLY or face an “out-of-hub fee.” Leaving them stranded around the city will no longer be an option.

escooters TampaEach vehicle will have software alerting riders where they can and cannot park. Riders who leave their vehicle outside of an approved docking area will be subject to penalties by the individual operating company. Fees vary but can be up to $5, according to the city.

Conversely, riders who find a misplaced vehicle may return it to a dock and be rewarded a “bounty” by the operating company with a credit to their account. These credits vary but range from 50 cents to $2.50, according to the city.  Be sure to check with each vendor to learn more about their specific bounty processes for eScooters in Tampa.

Docking stations include clearly marked corrals, electronic virtual corrals, public bike racks, scooter racks and charging stations. City officials said hundreds of these approved docking stations will be conveniently located in the public right-of-way all over the city so riders will have no trouble finding or parking their shared e-vehicles.


The City of Tampa also set up an interactive website where residents can request locations where they feel corrals would be beneficial.

These new rules for eScooters in Tampa are intended to free-up sidewalk space and eliminate safety concerns due to misplaced micro-mobility vehicles.

The City of Tampa noted that shared micro-mobility vehicles shall NOT be ridden in the following locations: The Tampa Riverwalk, Bayshore Blvd., 7th Ave. (Ybor City), Hyde Park Village, Armature Works.

Riders must always obey all traffic laws, yield to pedestrians, ride solo, and never drink and ride in addition to the new escooter rules in Tampa.

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