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New Prostate Cancer Treatment Launched at Orlando Health

Oncologists at Orlando Health Cancer Institute recently introduced patients to a new drug for treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

The drug, called Pluvicto, is a targeted therapy that delivers radiation treatment directly to cancer cells. It is designed to treat prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body and no longer responds to testosterone-reducing therapy.

Pluvicto works by hunting down prostate cancer cells that express a biomarker called prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA). Once the drug identifies this biomarker, it attaches itself to the cancer cell and delivers radiation that kills off the cell and others around it.

“We’re thrilled to provide this treatment to our prostate cancer patients, many of whom have been fighting the disease for a long time with other treatments and are looking for new options,” said Akash Nanda, MD, director of urologic and hematologic radiation oncology at Orlando Health Cancer Institute. “It is exciting to see that we continue to lead the way in bringing new technology and therapies to help give our patients continued hope in their fight against cancer.”

FDA approved in March 2022, Pluvicto is the newest of a number of treatment options Orlando Health Cancer Institute has added for prostate cancer. Patients will find a team of experts equipped with minimally invasive robotics, radiation technology, along with other cutting-edge tools, including stereotactic body radiation therapy and SpaceOAR, which protects surrounding tissue from the effects of radiation therapy.

To schedule an appointment with a prostate cancer specialist, call 321-841-8650.

Orlando Health, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is a not-for-profit healthcare organization with $8.1 billion of assets under management that serves the southeastern United States.

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