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Miss Earth USA Kicks Off 2022 Pageant with Swimwear, Athleisure, and Runway

Madeline Delp – Miss South Dakota Earth; Maggie Lemay – Mrs. New Hampshire Earth; Tyler Prugh – Miss Missouri Earth; Brielle Simmons – Miss Connecticut Earth (left to right)

Miss Earth USA kicked off their 2022 pageant events with their preliminary shows. For this first time in over two years, delegates representing the fifty states and District of Columbia convened in-person at the Rosen Centre Hotel to participate in the prestigious competition. Kicking off in the afternoon was the Swimwear/Activewear show presented by HOTWORX. For this portion of the competition the delegates from Miss and Mrs. divisions donned swimsuits and a sarong by Vizcaya, while contestants from the Teens division wore athleisure by Pixton. The selected winners from this competition will win a customized workout facility package from HOTWORX and be awarded a one-year ambassadorship to represent the brand.

The following event was the “Powerful in Pink” runway preliminary where delegates showed off their catwalk skills and stage presence in pink ensembles of their choosing. This segment was presented by Beauty Queens Galore Prom & Pageant.

During earlier activities, the pageant held a “Wild” charity gala in the Rosen Centre Ballroom with proceeds benefiting wildlife conservation organizations including Save the Manatee, Central Florida Animal Reserve, and Seal Society of San Diego. Guests were encouraged to come dressed in “wild” formal attire in animal print or other animal related creative themes. The event was hosted by Lindsey Coffey – Miss Earth 2020 – and finalists of the Rosen Hotels scholarships were honored and presented by Marisa Paige Butler – 2021 Miss Earth USA and 2021 Miss Earth Air.

Teen Miss Earth USA Delegates

“Being a part of the ‘Wild’ charity gala was the perfect opportunity to speak about our conservation efforts as individuals and as an organization. This was a great event to showcase the impact that our charitable beneficiaries make and to educate our audience about the current state of wildlife and how they can further support these causes,” said Lindsey Coffey. “We were also able to honor individual stand-out delegates with scholarships to financially help them achieve their environmental agendas. These activists went above and beyond assisting in their communities to encourage climate action and were rightfully rewarded for their efforts to further aid in their platforms. It was so special to all be gathered in the same space, off of our screens, to celebrate with each other.”

Presented by AquaGoat, the Miss Earth USA final coronation will be broadcast live on Saturday January 8 on the VIP Pageantry channel available on mobile devices worldwide, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

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