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Libertarian Party of Florida Denounces ‘Outrageous Arrest’ of Green Party Presidential Candidate

The Libertarian Party of Florida vehemently denounces the recent “outrageous arrest” of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein at Washington University in St. Louis, calling it “a brazen assault on the very bedrock of American liberty.”

The Libertarian Party of Florida also said her recent arrest, which they say was carried out while she was engaging in a peaceful protest, is not only alarming but also antithetical to the cherished American principles of free speech and peaceful assembly.

“The First Amendment guarantees these inalienable rights, standing as a sentinel for democracy,” the Libertarian Party of Florida stated. “Yet, the actions taken against Jill Stein are a stark violation of these rights and signal a perilous slide towards authoritarianism. This arrest is a clear and present danger to anyone who dares to challenge the government, which sets a harrowing precedent that threatens to silence dissent and curb democratic engagement across the nation.”

Libertarians are self-identified staunch advocates for individual liberty and minimal government interference, and assert that the freedom to express dissent is fundamental to a functioning democracy. The Libertarian Party of Florida said the arrest of Jill Stein is not merely an infringement on her rights, but an affront to all who value the principles of freedom and justice.

“We demand an immediate cessation of these tyrannical practices and call for the unconditional respect of the right to protest and speak freely,” the party continued. “Our democracy thrives on the diversity of voices and ideas, and it is imperative that we safeguard this diversity by standing firm against any attempts to undermine these fundamental American values.”

The Libertarian Party of Florida called on other “defenders of liberty” to join them in condemning this egregious violation of the First Amendment and to ensure that such an injustice is never repeated. They said citizens must not allow fear or governmental overreach to silence the voices of the people.

The LPF is a libertarian organization dedicated to activism and candidate support.

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  1. Regardless of your views on the situation in the Middle East, we should all condemn the arrest of peaceful protesters like Jill Stein, just as we all should condemn the arrest of peaceful January 6 protesters – yes, most of them were peaceful – regardless of your views on the 2020 election. Government in this country is out of control, and the more authoritarian it behaves, the less credibility U.S. government officials have to condemn anti-democratic actions and human rights abuses in other parts of the world.

  2. Thank you to the Libertarian Party of Florida for speaking out in defense of the candidate of a rival party. This is a good example of how the LP is the “party of principle”.


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