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Kissimmee Representative Introduces Legislation to Improve Guidance Services

Kissimmee Representative Kristen Arrington, a Democrat, introduced HB 141, which will require guidance counselors to advise public middle and high school students of all educational opportunities available to them to gain skills that are in demand in the labor market and how to prepare to obtain post-secondary degrees in technical fields. The legislation in the Senate, SB 196 was filed by Democratic Miami Senator Shevrin Jones.

“This legislation will ensure all students and their parents know of the education pathways available close to home post-graduation–besides a traditional university education,” said Representative Arrington. “Additionally, this information must be presented in a language understandable to both parties so they can make the best decisions for their future. Senator Jones is passionate about our students and their education opportunities; I am looking forward to working with him to get this legislation across the finish line during the 2023 session, as it passed unanimously in the House last year but died in messages in the Senate.”

“In today’s fast changing environment, it’s important that our students know about all of the career opportunities that are available to them and then ensure that they have the skills to compete in today’s labor market for those jobs,” said Senator Jones. “This legislation is designed to do just that. It acknowledges that a four-year university degree is not the only path available to students and is specifically designed to highlight alternative options for students to pursue a well-paying career. I believe that when students are aware of all of their options, students will be better able to find what best fits their interests.

View HB 141 and SB 196.

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