Here We Go Again: Florida’s Early Vote Totals Adjusted


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File this under items to watch in this year’s sure-to-be close election in Florida. Joy-Ann Reid of reported this week about how questions are already surfacing in Broward County. The Broward Supervisor of Elections posted two different tallies reporting on the early vote counts for the county on October 27.

Overall, the adjusted numbers reflected a reduction from 28,330 votes to 27, 794 votes at the time, or a reduction of 536 votes. But, based on the tallies for some early vote centers, one shows a reduction of over 1,000 votes. Broward is a Democratic stronghold and President Obama should win there with large margins.

Remember, in 2000 Bush narrowly won Florida by 537 votes. So a 536 vote adjustment in a county President Obama is likely to carry should raise some questions. At the least, it should also warrant more scrutiny and oversight as the ballots are counted. 

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