Governor DeSantis Protects Floridians from Protests Outside Their Homes

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation which prohibits picketing and protesting outside of a person’s place of residence. That means there will be no protests like those targeting Supreme Court Justices in Florida. Gov. DeSantis called out the “mobs” who use this tactic, instead of protesting at government institutions or public places.

“Sending unruly mobs to private residences, like we have seen with the angry crowds in front of the homes of Supreme Court justices, is inappropriate,” said Gov. DeSantis. “This bill will provide protection to those living in residential communities and I am glad to sign it into law.”

Once this law takes effect, law enforcement officers will provide a warning to any person picketing or protesting outside of a dwelling and will make arrests for residential picketing only if the person does not peaceably disperse after the warning. Residential picketing will be punishable as a second-degree misdemeanor.

Some Florida Democrats warned against the legislation, questioning the impact on free speech and saying it will disproportionately impact minority communities. Overall, it had bipartisan support and will become law in Florida.


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