Gelber Vows to Fight for Everyday Floridians

Senator Dan Gelber, the Democratic candidate running to become the next Attorney General of Florida, believes that everyday Floridians have not had a “true champion” fighting for them. He says Tallahassee is overrun with special interests and those who advocate for the wealthy. Gelber was responding to a question as to why Floridians should support him in the upcoming November elections, in an exclusive interview with West Orlando News Online (WONO).

Senator Dan Gelber, Democrat for Florida Attorney General

“Floridians have not had a true champion in Tallahassee who is going to wake up every day and look out for them and only them”, Gelber said. “The place has been overrun by special interests and people who basically speak for and advocate for the wealthiest and not the everyman and every woman.”

Gelber added:

“I am running for this office because I want to give everyday Floridians the champion that they deserve in a State that has deep challenges. I hope they hear me and see me and they will find that my words are authentic, because they are.”

Gelber also discussed other issues with WONO, including his proposal to establish a public corruption unit aimed at beating back government corruption in the state; the growing cottage industry of fraud, including mortgage and healthcare fraud and the increasing scourge of gang and gang violence in Florida.

Read the Entire Interview with Senator Dan Gelber Here.


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