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Frontier Becomes First Airline to Offer New Eggo Grab & Go Waffles

Eggo waffle fans can now L’Eggo at 35,000 feet, as ultra-low fare carrier Frontier Airlines, in partnership with Kellanova, is introducing the Eggo Grab & Go waffle to its Fly Bar inflight menu. Frontier is the first airline to offer the new snack.

Frontier Airlines updated inflight menu features wide selection of new snack and drink options.

The Eggo Grab & Go waffle is a Belgian-style waffle made with real butter and pearl sugar—   pearl sugar is the magical ingredient that gives the waffle an added crunch and sweet layer around the exterior. The first-ever ready-to-eat Eggo® waffle that doesn’t require a toaster or toppings is now available in the skies on Frontier Airlines.

“The Eggo Grab & Go waffle is a great choice for air travel,” said Anthony Iorio, manager of onboard retail & catering operations, Frontier Airlines. “Our customers are going to love the sweet deliciousness of the Belgian-style waffle, which is going to be a huge hit both for breakfast and as a snack at any time of day.”

“Kellanova is thrilled to bring the Eggo Grab & Go waffle to passengers of Frontier Airlines,” said Eliza Coteng, portfolio marketing director, frozen foods, Kellanova Away From Home. “With all the flavor baked in, the Belgian-style liege waffle creates a convenient, satisfying and mess-free snack that’s perfect for inflight eating—the ultimate on-the-go experience. This waffle delivers the same breakfast deliciousness during flight that fans of Eggo® know and love at home.”

In addition to the Eggo Grab & Go waffle, Frontier’s revamped inflight menu features a variety of other new items, including a broad assortment of popular snacks, cocktails, soft drinks, and hot drinks starting November 1, 2023.

Frontier’s updated Fly Bar menu includes the following new products:

  • Eggo® Grab & Go Waffle
  • Pringles Original
  • Hershey Kiss Classic Cookie
  • Nutty Omega Trail Mix
  • Starburst Sour Gummies
  • Takis Fuego
  • Fanta Orange
  • Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate
  • Twisted Tea
  • BuzzBox Premium Cocktails

“Customers now have a new, fresh variety of even more highly attractive food and drink options to enjoy when flying Frontier,” said Iorio. “We’re proud to partner with a snacking leader like Kellanova to offer the Eggo brand as part of an expansive array of enticing choices on our inflight menu.”

Frontier also continues to offer a number of existing favorites, as well, ranging from popular liquors such as Tito’s Vodka and Bailey’s Irish Cream, to the Voodoo Ranger IPA and Brut Dargent Sparkling Wine. The airline’s highly popular bundles and snack packs, such as the cheese tray, continue to remain on offer as well.

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