Free PPE for Small Businesses in Orange County

This morning, each registered business received masks and bottles of hand sanitizer from Orange County government.

Orange County Government is providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to small businesses in Orange County, to assist in their reopening during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis — all at no cost — today thru May 15th, or until supplies run out. This morning, each registered business received masks and bottles of hand sanitizer to help fight against coronavirus.

“As a former small business owner, lifetime entrepreneur, and business consultant who helped many small businesses through the last recession, I am here for you to get through this tough time as well,” added Orange County Commissioner Emily Bonilla.

Kits of face coverings and 2-oz. hand sanitizer bottles will be distributed to up to 20,000 small businesses at drive-through pick-up sites located throughout the County. Small business owners must fill out an online Interest Form at one of the distribution sites below as soon as possible, as the form will be inaccessible once supplies run out.

The small business must be a for-profit or non-profit, incorporated with majority operations located in Orange County, Florid, and must employ one to 40 individuals, regardless of full-time or part-time status (count owners/co-owners). Priority will be given to small businesses that recently reopened or are eligible to open in Phase 1 of Florida State’s Guidelines and to small businesses that indicate they have been unable to obtain PPE for their employees due to financial hardship and/or supply chain scarcities.


  1. This is a entire Orange County Initiative Not a Emily Bonilla initiative.

    It was announced by the Mayor Of Orange County Jerry Demings this article is very misleading.

    In District 5 we have NOT seen our commissioner even once where has she been?????

    On a zoom happy hour? People are suffering she is nowhere to be seen.She has no solutions and has left this district in dispair.
    Ask a small business if they have seen her the answer is NO.

    Please stop misleading us!
    Look at the facts before writing a misleading article.

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