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Former Commissioner Enters Race for Orlando Mayor Hoping to Oust Dyer

Warning that Orlando is “on the verge of a social and economic collapse” under Mayor Buddy Dyer, former City Commissioner Samuel B. Ings is campaigning to become Orlando’s next mayor. Ings, who retired as a Commander after 30 years with the Orlando Police Department, says Orlando’s increase in crime and the spread of homeless camps throughout Downtown Orlando and neighborhoods are just some of the reasons for change.

“Orlando is on the verge of a social and economic collapse,” Ings said. “Don’t think that Orlando cannot turn like other cities where crime is rampant, drug use is public, and homelessness is at an all time high. It can!”

Ings believes that more neighborhood policing will restore law and order in Orlando communities. In addition to his campaign platform focusing on crime prevention and public safety, Ings says affordable housing will be a priority as more people become financially vulnerable.

Along with diversifying Orlando’s economy by attracting emerging industries, like AI (artificial intelligence),  Ings plans to  boost wages with more skilled trades jobs. If elected, Ings will foster an inclusive Orlando where residents do not feel threatened by hate-crimes and human trafficking.

Acknowledging that crime under Mayor Dyer is a major problem throughout the city, Ings pledged to “make neighborhood policing a priority in every community not just downtown,” and he said he would add more neighborhood police substations and put more officers in our communities to deter crime.

Voters will decide if former City Commissioner Ings‘ agenda, which includes affordable housing, economic development ideas, road and infrastructure repair, crime prevention and public safety, is convincing to elect new leadership. The incumbent, Mayor Buddy Dyer, has been in office for two decades and has filed to run for a 6th term and voter turnout is usually near historic lows for local municipal elections in Orlando.

“That’s why I support term limits,” Ings said. “Orange County has term limits. Florida has term limits to prevent career politicians. Orlando is way overdue for new ideas and new leadership.”

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 is the general election for Orlando’s mayor and city commissioners of Districts, 2, 4 and 6. Visit the City of Orlando for more voting information or contact the Orange County Supervisor of Elections at 407-836-Vote.

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