Floridians Like Crist More Than Obama

According to a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday Crist favorability rating is 67 percent while President Barack Obama’s rating is 66 percent. Despite the state’s economic challenges Crist’s job approval rating is 65 percent. It’s too early to poll Obama’s job performance. Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac Polling Institute Peter Brown said it’s rare for a governor to have high approval numbers during an economic downturn.

“The unusual thing about Crist is that he is doing this at a time when the economy is in a very deep recession when the people are pessimistic about their futures and he’s still doing well. Politicians usually get punished by their constituents in that kind of environment, but their not punishing Charlie Crist these days,” Brown said.

Crist said he’s humbled by the news.
“I think that, when you get elected people want to trust that you’ll follow through on things that you talked about during the campaign. I think that if the numbers are accurate people know you’re trying. And they trust our efforts and I put my trust in the people and I hope they can continue to feel that they can trust this administration. We’re working hard for them.”
Although no one has surfaced as a democratic candidate to face Crist in 2010, 56 percent of Floridians thinks he deserves another four years in office.

By: Whitney Ray
Source: Flanews.com


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