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Florida Senators Rubio & Scott Push to Prohibit Asylum for CCP Members

Senator Marco Rubio was joined by fellow Florida Senator Rick Scott and other Republican colleagues to introduce the No Asylum for CCP Spies Act. Companion legislation in the House was introduced by Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds. The bill would prohibit members of communist or totalitarian parties, like the Chinese Communist Party, from being granted asylum in the U.S.

“The American people are facing the repercussions of the Biden Administration’s open border policy, which is creating chaos and putting our communities at risk,” Senator Marco Rubio said. “We don’t know who’s illegally entering our nation. This presents an opportunity for the Chinese Communist Party to further take advantage and threaten our democracy and national security interests.”

Like other aspects of federal law, the bill makes clear that members of these communist or totalitarian parties are ineligible for immigration benefits.

“Communist China’s murderous leaders and the thugs that carry out the brutal agenda of Xi’s regime cannot be trusted and cannot be allowed to ‘seek asylum’ in America as a front for spying,” Senator Rick Scott said. “The No Asylum for CCP Spies Act is good for our national security and actually protects those who have legitimate asylum claims from being hurt by bad actors. I urge my colleagues for their support of this good bill.”

This year alone, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has encountered an estimated 40,000 Chinese nationals along the U.S. northern and southern border. According to Republicans, the Biden administration has left the border wide open, allowing potential spies from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to enter the U.S. and take advantage of America’s generous immigration system.

Republican Senators Roger Marshall, Bill Hagerty, Marsha Blackburn, Josh Hawley, Mike Braun, and Pete Ricketts are cosponsors.

“Since Joe Biden refuses to stop the flow of Chinese nationals streaming across our southern border, Senator Rubio’s No Asylum for CCP Spies Act is needed to disincentivize these individuals from invading our country,” Senator Roger Marshall said. “We must strip asylum eligibility from the communist spies who are no doubt hiding among the masses at the southern border.”

“We’ve now apprehended, under President Joe Biden’s watch, over 170 different nationalities crossing our border illegally, including 40,000 nationals from Communist China in this year alone,” Senator Bill Hagerty said. “This bill would ensure that the CCP can’t exploit Biden’s broken border policies to spy, steal, and otherwise harm U.S. national interests.”

“While the CCP grows more eager to undermine U.S. sovereignty by any means necessary, President Biden’s open border policies have welcomed nearly 40,000 Chinese nationals to our country in the last year,” Senator Marsha Blackburn said. “We need to know exactly what their intentions and affiliations are before they are allowed in via asylum or any legal means. Xi Jinping’s communist way of life has no place in the United States.”

Click here to view the No Asylum for CCP Spies Act.

Republican U.S. Representatives Mark Green, Troy Nehls and Byron Donalds introduced companion legislation in the House.

“CBP has encountered a record number of Chinese nationals at the Southwest border, with totals exceeding FY21 and FY22,” Congressman Mark Green said. “I’m proud to co-lead Senator Rubio’s No Asylum for CCP Spies Act in the House with Congressman Nehls—a solution to protect our national security from individuals associated with communist parties seeking to harm our national security.”

“The Chinese Communist Party is our nation’s greatest foreign adversary,” Congressman Troy Nehls said. “Due to the Biden Administration’s complete and utter failure to secure our borders, migrants from all over the world are being encountered at both our northern and southern border, with record numbers of Chinese nationals claiming asylum. Asylum is intended to be a form of protection that allows an individual to remain in the United States instead of being removed from a country where they will face persecution. If these individuals claiming asylum in the United States are members of the CCP, they are not in fear of returning to Communist China. They are here to infiltrate our society, steal our intellectual property, gain our country’s secrets, and report back to Xi Jinping. I am proud to work with Senator Rubio and my other colleagues in introducing this critical piece of legislation to keep Communist Chinese spies out of our country.”

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