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Florida Senator Calls Out USA Boxing for ‘Dangerous Transgender Policy’

Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to USA Boxing Executive Director and CEO Mike McAtee urging him to reverse a “dangerous transgender policy” that the Florida Senator says allows men to punch women.

The Florida Senator is upset because USA Boxing now permits biological men who identify as women to compete against women. Senator Rubio said this change disregards the physical differences between men and women and puts female athletes in danger.

“Allowing men to hit women is reprehensible, even under the guise of athletic competition,” he wrote in the letter. “It is behavior no civilized country would tolerate, much less encourage. Civilized countries enforce special prohibitions on violence against women because there are differences between men and women that make men more capable of violence.”

Senator Rubio also blamed Democratic activists and progressive politics for the decision.

“Undoubtedly, your organization is under tremendous pressure from activists to promote transgenderism in the name of ‘inclusion,’ but that is no excuse to disregard and endanger athletes,” the Republican Senator wrote. “I urge you to recover your common sense, revoke your ‘transgender policy,’ and explicitly prohibit boxers of the opposite sex from fighting in the ring.”

Here is the full letter from Florida Senator Marco Rubio to USA Boxing on transgender policy:


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