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Florida Senate Democratic Leader Asks Governor About Future Suspensions

After Governor Ron DeSantis suspended Orange-Osceola State Attorney Monique Worrell of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, the Florida Senate Democratic Leader had questions about any future suspensions.

Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book, of Davie, sent a letter to Republican Governor DeSantis, asking for more clarity for the public on these actions. Leader Book asked the Governor what other State Attorneys may be facing suspension and for the Governor to shed light on the metrics used to take these extreme measures.

Florida Senate Rule 12.16 states that “Senators should refrain from speaking publicly on the merits or substance of any suspension order prior to the vote.”

Democrats said the actions taken by the Governor are “extraordinary,” and while Senators will honor Florida Senate rules on refraining from comment on the merits or substance of the Governor’s action, as the matter should come before the upper chamber, “we welcome the opportunity to participate in the proceedings, post-haste.”

Here is Leader Book’s full letter, sent to Governor DeSantis and his Acting Chief of Staff:


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