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Florida Does Not Rank Among Top 10 Most Expensive States For Summer Vacations

A Google Trends analysis revealed that queries for vacationing like “summer travel” have significantly increased recently. So Wealthcare Financial decided to find some answers to people’s queries by putting together a study on the most and least expensive states to travel to this summer based on Google price data.

“Since many people haven’t been able to travel for the past 2 summers, travelers should expect to pay premiums and deal with crowds this summer,” said Shaun Tarzy, Managing Partner at Wealthcare Financial.

In the study, Florida does not rank among the top 10 most expensive states. In fact, the Sunshine State is the 16th most expensive state to travel to this summer with the cost of lodging and 3 meals for one person averaging $166 a day – so that won’t be covering a typical Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando vacation.

While gas has been increasing across the country, at the time of the study gas in Florida was slightly above average compared to other states, but ranked 20th overall for most expensive gas. A hotel room in Florida for a night was found to cost an average of $109, making it the 12th most expensive state to stay the night in.

“People waiting for last-minute travel deals might be in for a rude awakening since everyone is trying to move back to the pre-pandemic era when it comes to traveling,” said Michael Boggiano, Managing Partner at Wealthcare Financial. “Anyone looking to travel this summer should be planning ahead.”

Here is the summer vacation travel report from Wealthcare Financial:

2022 Summer Financial Report

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