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Florida Democrats Respond to Vice President’s Orlando Visit

Vice President Mike Pence visits Beth’s Burger Bar during his Orlando visit.

Florida Democrats were not happy when Vice President Mike Pence made his last public event in Florida right here in Orlando. There was very little local opposition during his recent trip though and that ultimately made this a positive stop on the Trump-Pence re-election tour. Despite the lack of local Democratic resistance, there was a message from state party leadership.

“Mike Pence came to Florida today to put on a show and, unfortunately, that’s all we got,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo. “We need real solutions on health care and unemployment, not a couple boxes of PPE signed by the VP and self-congratulatory remarks at a roundtable.”

Florida Democrats were getting vocal while keeping the conversation ultimately focused on November 2020. However, local Orange County Democrats were nearly silent. This group claims to lead Democratic politics throughout Central Florida, and says they will be playing an integral role in stopping Trump’s re-election bid. But local Democrats have no message in response to the Vice President’s Orlando visit, meaning there was another big missed opportunity here in Central Florida.

“We are months into this crisis, more than 92,000 Americans have died, and the Trump administration is still playing catch up in responding to this virus,” Chair Rizzo added. “Floridians are sick and tired of the Trump administration’s pageantry and will remember their broken promises come November.”

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  1. No, Rizzo it’s your corrupt DemoRATS who were so busy trying to impeach our President that they didn’t react to this virus, while Pelosi was destroying our Country our President was working for a solution, hopefully the American voters will continue to support our President


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