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Florida Democratic Party Slammed Governor DeSantis’ Special Session ‘Stunt’

Florida Democrats were quick to slam Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent special session of the legislature.

In response, the Florida Democratic Party has released the following statement:

“This special session is just a stunt to prop up Ron’s failing presidential campaign,” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried. “If it was anything more than that, he’d be on the ground in Florida today instead of trying to dig out of a 27-point hole in Iowa.

“If Ron actually wanted to address issues affecting Floridians, this special session would be addressing rising housing costs and the property insurance crisis — instead, he’s using the legislature to grandstand about foreign policy decisions that he has no real control over. Using the legislature as a pre-debate attention grab is no way to govern, but this isn’t the first time Ron has used public office to advance his personal ambitions.”

Florida House Democrats attempted to expand the Special Session to focus on Florida and address more problems facing Floridians every day, including legislation from Tampa and Orlando Representatives, but the Republicans blocked those efforts. Instead, the Republican majority passed a series of measures to help Floridians recover from Hurricane Idalia, ensure every child has the educational resources they need, divest public funds from scrutinized companies and refuse to do business with those who support terrorist regimes, provide additional protection for students in Jewish Day Schools, and stand in support of the State of Israel.

Meanwhile, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis applauded the Florida Legislature for taking action during the special session, and he seemed very pleased with the results.

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  1. Florida is on fire and Deathantis doesn’t give a damn. Floridians live under the thumb of an authoritarian governor who is a wannabe autocrat like Trump. It’s not a wonder people are leaving like flies.

  2. America stands almost ready to elect a known huckster and Florida leads the charge. America stands almost ready to elect a known sexual batterer and Florida leads the charge.



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