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Florida Democratic Party Calls for Resignation of Republican Miami Mayor

The Florida Democratic Party is calling for the resignation of Republican Miami Mayor Francis Suarez after reports of political corruption and the Mayor receiving personal benefits for a no-bid contract.

“As a native of Miami, it’s heartbreaking to see the city continue to be a hotbed for political corruption,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried. “I wanted to have hope in Francis Suarez and his ability to rise above the mess of Miami politics for the sake of the city. Unfortunately, he’s turned out like so many other Miami Republicans — only in it for himself, with no regard for the well-being of the people of Miami.

The Miami Herald reported that Miami Mayor Francis Suarez pushed for a no-bid contract that could have personal benefits for him. This is just the latest in a series of conflicts of interest issues revealed by the South Florida politician’s former failed presidential campaign, according to the Florida Democratic Party.

“Francis Suarez repeatedly used his public office for private gain, and has somehow escaped consequences to this point,” FDP Chair Fried continued. “His actions are a gross violation of the public trust, and the Florida Democratic Party is calling for his immediate resignation.”

Florida Democrats also want Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to act, saying all politicians regardless of party affiliation should be held accountable for mistakes.

“If Mayor Suarez refuses to resign, Ron DeSantis needs to do the job for him and suspend him from office,” FDP Chair Fried said. “I have no doubt that if Mayor Suarez was a Democrat, he would have been removed from office several scandals ago — because Ron cares more about party politics than good governance. Politicians should be held accountable for their mistakes, no matter their political affiliation.”

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