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Florida Congressman Calls Supreme Court ‘Corrupt’

Orlando Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a Democrat, slammed the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program in a statement, calling the high court “corrupt.” In addition to his controversial remarks about a co-equal branch of government, Rep. Frost also called on President Biden to continue fighting for the promise he made.

“Once again, today the conservative-leaning Supreme Court has gotten it wrong and actively chosen to discriminate against working Americans and student borrowers,” Representative Frost said after the decision. “We cannot and will not allow a corrupt court to tell the people of our nation that only wealthy children should have the opportunity to get their education without going into crushing debt, as they have done this week.”

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump and Republicans have applauded the decision, with Trump calling it “Joe Biden’s unconstitutional student loan gimmick.”

Even Joe Biden and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had previously admitted that this move violated the Constitution. But the Central Florida Democrat still wants the President to act and plans to fight on this issue.

“President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program is legal, this Court’s inability to see that underscores SCOTUS’ intent to prop up systems of oppression that have kept education out of reach for only poor people,” said Rep. Frost. “This ruling cannot mark the end of President Biden’s promise to the nearly 40 million Americans counting on this relief. The President and his Administration have many tools at their disposal to help borrowers, and I will fight to ensure we act swiftly.”

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  1. democRAT…Maybe U should pay for the college loans OUT OF YOUR congress salary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since u want them deleted..jackass

  2. Why is it that the Democrats call the court corrupt when it bases its decisions on the law and the original intent of the Constitution? Since when is following the law corrupt? A corrupt court is one which ignores the law and “po-hoos” the proof of what the funders’ intent was, in order to further an agenda that is clearly not in keeping with the provable intent of the writers of the Constitution nor its Amendments.


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