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Florida CFO to FCC: Halt Utilization of National Wireless Emergency Alert System

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis issued a letter to the Federal Communications Commission demanding that the FCC immediately halt any further utilization of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System.

The October 30th letter from Florida comes following the October 4th national alert when the FCC decided to use their platform and send out a nationwide emergency test text message on all cell phones, wireless devices, TVs and radios.

“What was the point of that? Was it really necessary?” questioned CFO Patronis in the letter. “The federal government scared about 70% of Americans with that alert, and in my opinion, this was government overreach at its finest.”

The Florida Republican clarified that he does not like the practice regardless of party. “Frankly, I don’t like the idea of any Administration (regardless of party) having the ability to DM Americans without their permission,” he added. “In a time when the first and second branches of government should be reining in Big Tech and protecting the privacy of American citizens, Big Tech and Big Government seem to be indistinguishable.”

Writing “on behalf of the State of Florida and patriotic Americans everywhere,” the Florida CFO demanded the FCC immediately cease utilization of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System.

Read the full letter below:


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