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Florida Business Agenda Unveiled, Outlining 2024 Legislative Priorities

The Florida Chamber of Commerce unveiled its 2024 Florida Business Agenda during the 2024 Florida Chamber Legislative Fly-In, highlighting where it stands on key business priorities for the current legislative session.

The Florida Chamber’s annual Where We Stand business agenda outlines key issues facing Florida’s job creators and impacting Florida’s competitiveness, along with policy recommendations to keep moving Florida in the right direction. Continuing Florida’s momentum of lawsuit abuse reform, creating a consistent regulatory environment and advancing education and workforce readiness were among top opportunities.

“The world is watching Florida’s economy and the Florida Chamber is laser focused on making sure the right things continue to happen in Florida,” said Keith Koenig, Chairman of CITY Furniture and Chair of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

“Free enterprise isn’t free,” said Florida Chamber President and CEO Mark Wilson. “The Florida Chamber fights every day in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C., to solve issues that impact local businesses and Florida’s competitiveness, and the legislative priorities of the Florida Business Agenda will help grow private sector jobs, diversify our economy, and create additional economic opportunities for all Floridians.”

The Florida Business Agenda is the Florida Chamber’s policy framework, developed by Florida’s job creators, representing businesses of all sizes, from Pensacola to Central Florida to Key West, and across all economic sectors and industries in Florida.

If Florida were a country, it would be the 15th largest economy in the world. The Florida Chamber is at the forefront advocating for the policies necessary to continue growing Florida to the 10th largest global economy by 2030, a position currently held by Italy.

The Florida Chamber’s 2024 Florida Business Agenda is grounded on our Florida 2030 Blueprint and its Six Pillars Framework, with policy recommendations that will advance our mission and achieve the 39 goals around improving Florida’s talent pipeline, creating high-wage jobs by diversifying Florida’s economy, preparing Florida’s infrastructure for smart growth and development, building the perfect climate for business, making government and civics more efficient and effective, and championing Florida’s unique quality of life.

The following are a few top priorities the Florida Chamber will be fighting for this legislative session:

  • Continuing recent lawsuit abuse reform efforts to improve Florida’s bottom-five legal climate;
  • Eliminating or reducing taxes where Florida businesses are at a competitive disadvantage, such as the Florida-only Business Rent Tax;
  • Developing Florida’s long-term workforce pipeline by enhancing opportunities from cradle to career;
  • Creating a consistent regulatory and operating environment across Florida’s 411 municipalities and 67 counties; and
  • Pushing forward-thinking and science-driven infrastructure investments and policy.

The Republican majority in the Florida legislature should be open to the political priorities. The business community’s 2024 Jobs and Competitiveness Agenda can be found online.

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