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Florida Attorney General Names Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody named Sebastian Police Department Corporal Ritchie Revis the 2022 Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. Attorney General Moody also recognized seven other officers for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year 2022“I’m honored to present the 2022 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award to Corporal Ritchie Revis for his valiant efforts to rescue kidnapping victims being held at gunpoint,” Attorney General Ashley Moody said. “Due to his courage and composure under pressure, Corporal Revis played an integral role in leading law enforcement in a dangerous pursuit of a criminal and saved the lives of two women. It is officers like Corporal Revis and everyone in Florida’s law enforcement ranks, that help us build a Stronger, Safer Florida.”

Last June, after the Sebastian Police Department received an alert from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office about a kidnapping, Cpl. Revis pursued the suspect’s car in a dangerous, high-speed chase. The suspect took two women at gunpoint and shot one of the hostages, resulting in injuries. During the chase, the suspect shot at Cpl. Revis multiple times. When the suspect drove through a dead-end road and got stuck in soft sand, the suspect pushed the injured victim out of the car and then dragged the other victim at gunpoint through a wooded area to escape Cpl. Revis and other authorities. Cpl. Revis led the law enforcement officers through the dark, putting himself in harm’s way and braving gunfire from the kidnapper, until the suspect fell, and the victims saved.

Attorney General Moody gave recognition to seven other law enforcement officers at the award ceremony. Each of the nominees were previously named officers of the year by law enforcement agencies and associations.

Attorney General Moody recognizes the following nominees at the ceremony:

  • Officer Specialist Elisha Cernuto, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission;
  • Detective Sergeant Nick Ferrara, Gainesville Police Department;
  • Special Agent Steven Harris, Florida Department of Law Enforcement;
  • Detective Daniel Melgar, Boca Raton Police Services Department;
  • Corporal Eldon Raines, Dunnellon Police Department;
  • Master Deputy Crista Rainey, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office; and
  • Trooper Toni Schuck, Florida Highway Patrol.

Attorney General Moody announced the honors during a ceremony at the Florida State Capitol.

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