Subdivision Wants to Ban Child Play Outdoors

A subdivision in Edgewater, Florida wants to ban kids from playing in parking lots and driveways.

The tight knit community, Persimmon Place, which is home to 48 town houses and very little open space for kids to play, is fed-up of the noise from the kids.

Kim Scott, a board member of the homeowners association, is tired of kids playing in the parking lot and their driveways.  She claims that it is very dangerous, so, she along with other board members would like to ban the kids from playing in the open spaces.

The proposal on the table by the Persimmon Place group would outlaw playing tag, skateboarding, riding Big Wheels or using any loud toys on common property, reports  Violators will be fined $100.

The board will take a formal vote on the issue on April 27.

But, for now, the kids could still play outdoors.


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