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Deltona Man Shoots at People Who Paid Fake Money for Marijuana

A man who fired several gunshots at the car of two customers who paid him fake money for marijuana was quickly identified and arrested Thursday in Deltona.

Detectives responded to the area of Providence Boulevard and East Chapel Drive in Deltona after 911 started receiving reports of gunshots in the area. On arrival, deputies found an unoccupied SUV with a flat tire and bullet holes in the passenger side. Witnesses in the area said two young men ran away from the vehicle after the shooting. Deputies found both of them and determined they were the targets of the shooting. Neither one was shot.

Detectives learned the two victims, ages 17 and 20, decided to use a fake $100 bill to buy marijuana from an Instagram acquaintance. After the fake bill was exchanged for the marijuana, and the customers began to drive away, they heard glass shattering and multiple gunshots fired at them. They didn’t know the shooter’s name, but were able to give a description of him.

With that description, detectives contacted the Volusia Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Services director, who was able to provide information on persons of interest in the area. That research identified 19-year-old Raymon Plummer as a potential suspect. Police said Plummer’s house on West Chapel Drive sits about 511 feet from the location on East Chapel Drive where detectives and crime scene technicians found seven spent shell casings and broken glass from the Central Florida shooting. When shown a photo lineup, the 17-year-old victim immediately identified Plummer as the shooter with 100 percent certainty, according to law enforcement.

Plummer was later located and arrested by Crime Suppression Team deputies on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and firing a weapon into an occupied vehicle.

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