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Cory Hill Formally Charged for Central Florida Murder of Shakeira Rucker

The Office of the State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit has formally filed charges against Cory Hill for the Central Florida murder of Shakeira Rucker, a missing Winter Springs mother who was found dead inside of an Apopka storage unit from apparent gunshot wounds.

According to authorities, Hill remains in jail under a no bond status stemming from his November arrest of Attempted Second Degree Murder and other charges against his ex-girlfriend and her family.

Hill now faces an additional charge of Second Degree Murder (With a Firearm) for the death of Ms. Rucker. Ms. Rucker’s body was found in an Apopka self-storage facility on Wiggins Road after someone complained about a smell coming from inside a unit registered to Cory Hill.

This charge guarantees the defendant will be held without bond while the State Attorney continues building the case for a potential First Degree Murder indictment in Rucker’s homicide. Due to procedural rules, the State is limited to filing a Second Degree Murder charge by Information prior to presenting the case to the Orange County Grand Jury.

The effort to locate this missing woman spanned all over Central Florida. Orange County Sheriff John Mina mentioned that Lake County, Seminole County, Polk County and Orange County all assisted Winter Springs Police in the search. “We were all hoping for a different outcome,” Sheriff Mina said.

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