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City of Orlando Seeks Partners for Summer Youth Employment Program

The City of Orlando is looking to partner with local businesses to provide a five-week Summer Youth Employment program to teenagers ages 15-19 living in the city.

In partnership with CareerSource Central Florida, the City of Orlando is inviting area businesses to host summer interns for up to four weeks at no cost, as part of the City of Orlando Summer Youth Exploration Internship program.

According to the city, through the program, students receive financial literacy training, job experience, networking skills and career readiness, such as work etiquette and dressing for success all while receiving an hourly salary from CareerSource Central Florida. Some benefits to local businesses include:

  • Inspiring young professionals and cultivate growth for a thriving workforce.
  • Gaining additional summer employment, at no cost to the business.
  • Making a lasting positive impact in the lives of the emerging generation.
  • Showcasing your community involvement as a CSCF partner.

Orlando summer youth employment programGrowing up in Orlando as a first-generation Latino American, Alexander Gonsalez aspired to be a renowned chef and community advocate. He started Out of Many Kitchens as a pop-up eatery and, in 2021, opened the first brick and mortar location in the Parramore District . With a history of making weekly food donations to youth groups, Gonsalez knew that providing on-the-job experience and opportunities for young residents at his restaurant would be a rewarding way to give back.

“Teaming up with the city’s Summer Youth Employment program was a great opportunity to help the youth in our community and it made perfect business sense,” said Alexander Gonsalez.

Interested employers interested can apply to the program online or email for more information. Applications are due by Saturday, May 20, 2023.

Previously, local students worked in fields including retail, hospitality and the insurance industry.

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