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City of Orlando: Don’t Stuff Drains Cooking Oil Grease

The City of Orlando is telling residents, don’t stuff your drains with cooking oil grease. The holiday season is probably a good time for the local reminder, and the city has an alternative free solution.

“Anything fried is yummy, but what’s not yummy is what you do with that cooking oil afterwards,” the City of Orlando posted. “Avoid pouring any cooking oil down your drains (kitchen sinks, toilets or that random pipe in your yard). All that grease will amass, harden and block your pipe’s drainage.”

The alternative option to stuffing local drains is to recycle used cooking oil for free. The city accepts any amount of used, as long as it is cooled, cooking oil in a shatterproof container.

Residents can bring it to the nearest neighborhood kiosk location where it can be recycled into bio-fuel.

By choosing this option, it will also help prevent blockages in sewer lines, reduce expensive maintenance to the local Orlando sewer system, and prevent sanitary sewer overflows around the community.

Find the closest location online.

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