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Central Florida 14-Year-Old Arrested for Bringing Gun to Middle School

A Central Florida 14-year-old was arrested for bringing a gun to his middle school.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office arrested a student at Davidsen Middle School for bringing a weapon and ammunition on campus.

A School Resource Deputy and school administration at Davidsen Middle School were notified that 14-year-old Ethan Santana De Jesus had a firearm in his backpack.

A search of the student’s backpack revealed a 9mm Glock 45 handgun, 24 round extended magazine, and nine bullets (within the magazine), according to officials.

The weapon was determined to be stolen from a vehicle burglary case from 2021 in the Brandon area, near Tampa.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office commended the students who came forward to prevent a possible tragedy.

“There is never an excuse to bring a weapon to school. School is a place where kids should feel safe and protected,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “My message to this teenager is clear: you made a serious mistake. We will hold you accountable. Thankfully, no one was injured, but this could have ended in tragedy had deputies not arrived when they did.”

Ethan Santana De Jesus has been charged with:

  • Possession of a Firearm on School Property
  • Minor in Possession of a Firearm

This is an active investigation, according to local law enforcement.

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