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Animals of Cool Zoo Celebrate World Wildlife Day at Central Florida Fair

The wildly popular educational wildlife exhibit, Cool Zoo, will be featured at the 111th Central Florida Fair along with an array of feathered, furry, and prickly critters through March 12th. In addition to experiencing the thrilling attractions and excitement of the fair, attendees can visit the Cool Zoo exhibit on Friday, March 3rd to celebrate World Wildlife Day.

As one of the main attractions for the fair, Cool Zoo will feature up-close and walk-through encounters with monkeys, lemurs, sloths, prairie dogs, parrots, goats, micropigs, hedgehogs, pygmy marmosets, and even skunks. In addition to wowing audiences with unique, in-depth animal experiences, the animal exhibit also provides audiences with education on the individual species as well as information on the zoo’s conservation efforts. Additionally, Cool Zoo will be offering a variety of entertainment options sure to impress audiences of all ages. Visitors will get the opportunity to engage in hands-on and observational experiences with exotic creatures like these:

Cool Zoo animals

“It is an honor to participate in this wonderful event and present the community with the opportunity to receive an education on these beautiful creatures. We hope that through our efforts, people will have a newfound appreciation for these amazing animals,” said Jim DeBerry, President, and CEO of Cool Zoo.

Central Florida Fair guests will enjoy thrill rides, games, and food, along with live music and entertainment, animals, livestock exhibitions, and more.

Cool Zoo is a family-owned-and-operated wildlife conservation exhibit with the mission of curating education, recreation, and research for all to enjoy. The exhibit wants to provide the opportunity for Central Florida locals to meet their exciting and adorable animals.

The Wildlife Conservation Exhibits will be available through March 12th onsite at the Central Florida Fair. Click here for tickets.

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