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Americares Ready to Respond to Hurricane Ian

Americares relief workers are ready to deploy and respond to Hurricane Ian as the Category 4 storm pummels Florida’s west coast. An Americares emergency response team will be on the way as soon as the storm clears and it is safe to travel.

Hurricane Ian brought life-threatening storm surge and catastrophic flooding when it made landfall between Fort Myers, Florida and Sarasota, Florida, according to the National Hurricane Center. Millions of people were urged to evacuate in advance of the storm and President Joe Biden approved an emergency declaration, authorizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide support and federal funding for the recovery.

Americares is prepared to send critically needed medicines and relief supplies to help meet the health needs of storm survivors. The health-focused relief and development organization is also prepared to provide emergency funding to help repair damaged health facilities and restore health services disrupted by the storm. In addition, Americares has the capability to deploy mobile medical teams to provide primary care services, if needed. Americares relief workers contacted more than 200 partner organizations across Florida, Georgia and Alabama in advance of the storm to offer assistance.

“With a storm of this magnitude we expect families will be displaced for days—possibly even weeks—and will need essential hygiene products and help replacing vital medications left behind,” said Americares Director of U.S. Emergency Response Mariel Fonteyn. “We also anticipate a need for tetanus vaccines to protect first responders and residents cleaning up the damage. Our emergency pharmacy is stocked with the most frequently needed medicines, and we are ready to help.”

Americares has a long history of responding to emergencies in Florida and the Gulf Coast. The organization has been on the frontlines of recovery efforts following major hurricanes in the area in recent years, including Hurricanes Irma, Dorian and Michael. After Hurricane Michael, a Category 5 storm that devastated the Florida Panhandle in 2018, Americares delivered 61 shipments of medicines, medical supplies, hygiene products and other relief items and operated a temporary medical clinic in Panama City, Fla., that provided primary care services for more than 800 survivors.

Americares responds to more than 30 natural disasters and humanitarian crises worldwide each year, establishes long-term recovery projects and brings preparedness programs to communities vulnerable to disasters. Americares relief workers are among the first to respond to emergencies, helping to restore health services for survivors.

Donations to Americares Hurricane Ian Relief Fund will support its response to the crisis.

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