$100,000 in Grants Awarded to Small Black-Owned Businesses

After receiving $100,000 from a generous donor, the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida (AACCCF) announced that chamber members could apply to receive a grant to assist with sustaining operations during the coronavirus pandemic. President Tanisha Nunn Gary made that announcement on April 29, 2020 during a “Coffee & Conversation” virtual meeting with members in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. After reviewing nearly 50 applications, a committee narrowed down the applicant pool to just 12 finalists. Recipients will receive funding from $2,500 all the way up to $20,000 to help keep their business afloat during these difficult times. President Gary personally called each recipient to notify them of their grant.

“We want to support our black businesses, as many as possible, in Central Florida,” said Tanisha Nunn Gary, AACCCF President.

The Chamber announced the AACCCF COVID-19 Small Business Grant recipients were:

  • ProRestore Services, Jeremiah Ofori
  • Empowerment Chiropractic, Ashley Caldwell
  • Teen Paradise, Carolyn Gales
  • Graham Leak Branding (GLB), Latria Graham Leak
  • Hair In Motion of New York, Lesline Powe-Barton
  • RTW Photography, Derrious Robinson
  • Sacred Heart Coach Lines, Marie and Joseph Leveque
  • Anderson & Associates, Veronica Anderson
  • Credit Repair of Florida, Timothy Sanders
  • Hold My Luggage, Constance Serrano
  • Go Go Party Bus, Javonne Williams
  • L5 Entertainment, Larry McRae

“This changes everything,” said grant recipient Ashley Caldwell of Empowerment Chiropractic.


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