Raymere Thomas: A Shining Example of a Rattler for Justice

Raymere Thomas

When Raymere Thomas thinks about his family and his life back in Atlanta, the Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law student is motivated to reach his career goals of becoming an attorney. The former college athlete is accustomed to competition and the journey to a Juris Doctor ignites his competitive spirit.

“I’m spending my summer working two legal positions,” said Thomas. “The COVID-19 pandemic is not stopping me from reaching for the stars, gaining all the knowledge and experience I can and being my best. I am following safety precautions and one of my opportunities is virtual.”

Thomas is one of five students selected as a Florida NAACP Law Fellow. In this position, he must have a clear understanding of the civil rights movement and its goals and aspirations. This externship is a great opportunity for the Atlanta native who is interested in criminal, civil, immigration and civil rights law. Fellowships are among the many opportunities for law students to use their legal skills as well as receive professional advice and mentoring.

Thomas is also working in downtown Orlando at the law firm of Mark NeJame, a well- respected trial attorney and legal analyst who has handled many high-profile cases.

Raymere Thomas

“Working at NeJame Law is a rewarding experience for me,” said Thomas. “I am striving to become a lawyer who contributes to society and impacts my community in the most positive way. I feel very good about my two summer legal externships. I know I’m headed in the right direction.”

Thomas serves as a role model for his younger cousins. That motivates him to continue striving for excellence. And when he reaches his goal of completing FAMU Law and becoming a lawyer – a Rattler for Justice-Thomas hopes to open a practice back home as he works to make life better for his family and his community.

“Growing up, I witnessed a lot of discrepancies in my community due to the misinterpretation of the law,” said Thomas. “I want to be a catalyst for the change that I wish to see, culminating in me one day opening the doors to my own law firm with the intent to end these discrepancies.”

“FAMU Law has a strong reputation for producing great lawyers who are Rattlers for Justice,” said Interim Dean Nicky Boothe Perry. “Thomas’ dedication to his legal education and the community is a shining example of a Rattler for Justice.”

Thomas offers this advice for those who are considering law school. “Take some time to learn more about yourself and how you learn. A strategy that works for one student may be completely different than the strategy that works for you.”


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