How Much Does It Cost to Run Special Weekend SunRail Service?

Last Sunday, the SunRail trains were running through Orlando on a privately funded special service. While the ridership numbers likely suffered from a late announcement of the Sunday service as well as a limited number of trains and the schedule, it was not the lowest ridership for special weekend service to date. 14 trains ran between 1:30pm and 10:03pm on Sunday, March 5th – 7 northbound and 7 southbound.

So how much does it cost to run special weekend service for SunRail?

According to Florida Department of Transportation officials, the total operational costs being covered privately for Sunday’s service ended up at $22,635.46. The private partners covering the operational expenses of the March 5th service are Orlando City soccer, the Downtown Orlando Foundation and the Downtown Orlando Partnership.

It does cost an additional $1,100 for fare equipment, but SunRail will cover that expense.

Total revenue from Sunday’s special service was $6,950.50.

Check out previous ridership numbers from SunRail’s special weekend service here.


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