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The West Orlando News no longer calls itself progressive.

Why the change?

Well thats a long story.

The short version is that identifying with ‘progressive’ Orlando politics is fraught with peril, and could be bad for your business model.

At least thats been the case for us.

We were once cautioned by an Orange County government employee that, “this is Orlando and not NYC (of course, duh…) and that people, be they black, brown or white don’t really like like troublemakers.”

After the caution came the threats, and then the blacklisting (by Democrats) and then the deliberate attack on our business.  (Corinne Brown still owes us $9000.00).

Despite being minority owned,  one of the oldest, and  well established local online news- daily sites in Central Florida, continuously publishing since 2004 til the present, to be continued

We think its more that folks here especially those in ‘power’  is, and will remain a corporate town, where gigantic players like Disney & Universal really call the shots. ‘progressive’  The actual progress

Lets face it, any city that operates in the mean, callous, racist itself the way We believe that Orlando is much more than a dysfunctional, good old boy town with opportunities for the connected and low wage jobs for everyone else. In fact, we believe that Orlando, with its surrounding communities, is actually a gigantic, vibrant melting pot with incredible people and phenomenal possibilities and as result deserves a media company such as ours, where all of our content is truly representative of this entire community.

With their diverse backgrounds and interests, our local writers, bloggers and other contributors have two things in common: a love for Orlando and a desire to share it with others.

And our readers like it like that.

Our approach to local-first news, feature stories, education, crime and politics is refreshing for its honesty and accuracy, and reflects the real world here in the middle of the I-4 corridor.
From Winter Springs to Rosemont and Davenport to Leesburg our readership and acceptance grows every month, averaging 2 million pages per month and over 250,000 readers.
We can go on and on about our in-depth interviews with local and state officials, or our amazing free event listings. The Columbia Journalism Review has taken note and has written about our site. Twice.
But, this is a media kit, with the sole purpose of explaining why
So who are the readers?

Our Readers:
Age: 12% 18-24yrs / 30% 25-34yrs / 44% 35-44yrs / 16% 55-64
Are Well Educated: 78% have earned a Bachelors Degree or higher
Are Local: est. 60% North Side, 25% West Side, 10% South Side, 5% Other
Are Affluent: 70% earn over $60k a year or more
Are Diverse: 54% Female, 46% Male, of all lifestyles and cultures
Look to Us: 85% utilize WONO to find local events and local news.
Our Stats:
Daily: Averaging over 8,000 visits per weekday
Monthly: Averaging over 250,000 visits, appx. 80,000 unique visitors
Page Views: Averaging 2,000,000 page views a month
Twitter: Nearly 1,000 dedicated Twitter followers
Facebook: Over 8,600 dedicated friends
GB Newsletter: About 4,100 subscribers to our weekly newsletter, the Weekly Orange

Our World
West Orlando News follows a daily online newspaper format, and is made up of several sections, much like a newspaper. From the front page, our readers can access each section.

West Orlando News Online was born in September 2005 and emerged from a print publication to a now, entirely digital one. West Orlando News has emerged as a leader in both hyperlocal news, commentary and the online citizen journalism movement.

The site receives more than 200,000 visits monthly, serving nearly 2.1 million pages a month, and is run by Keith Longmore and Gillian Nanton. It has been featured in stories by Columbia Journalism Review and is a founding member of Authentically Local.

The biggest contributors to the site are our readers — their active participation has turned West Orlando News into a true online community and the logical source for breaking local news, politics, and a a left of center perspective on the world we call, Orlando, Florida.

West Orlando News Strategic Alliances
West Orlando News is interested in forging relationships with media partners, big and small. We can offer technical and business infrastructure to journalists wishing to start new sites that have synergy with ours — in exchange for a share of revenues. Large media companies interested in expanding into our geographic area should contact us about possibilities for leveraging our brand. We are always interested in talking to venture capitalists seeking to invest in the hyperlocal media space.


please email us at:   operations@westorlandonews.com

or call 407-668-6028

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