Scott, Siplin: Why People Don’t Trust Politicians


It was a week to forget for Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida State Senator Gary Siplin. Both men were in the news this past week for reasons related to public deception.

Earlier this year Scott pushed for legislation that would test welfare recipients for drugs. He said that it would save the taxpayers money and would discourage people from using drugs.

The Department of Children and Families released information this week that says only two percent of welfare applicants failed the drug tests, costing the state an estimated $178 million dollars.

One of Scott’s reasons for implementing the tests was to save the beloved taxpayer money. Instead he’s costing Florida’s almost $200 million for a new program that has no rhyme or reason for its inception. Scott had no hard data that suggested that those leaning on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, were heavy drug users. Instead he relied on perception and un-founded claims of welfare recipients being addicts.

I think Mr. Burns, excuse me Governor Rick Scott, has watched too many movies.

The way the program works is that those who take the test are referred to a clinic where the tests cost about $30. If the person fails the test he or she is ineligible to apply for TANF for at least a year.

If the person passes then the state has to reimburse them for the cost of the test.

Scott has failed the citizens of Florida again.

Further evidence that this move fails to save taxpayers money is that the state is saving less than $240 per month by declining to provide benefits to those who test positive.

Mr. Burns continues to burn the state’s money while unemployment hovers around 10 percent. Bravo sir Scott, bravo.

Next up on the list of crooked, errr, less than trustworthy politicians is Gary Siplin. As reported on West Orlando News earlier this week the Sip, my affectionate nickname for Gary, violated Florida election laws eight times.

The Florida Elections Commission (FEC) charges that the Sip took illegal campaign donations and paid poll workers without divulging their names and addresses.

To resovle his issues with the FEC the Sip can pay a yet to be determined fine or request an informal hearing with a judge.

Siplin has a history of breaking the law as he was convicted of a third-degree felony because of his misuse of employees in his Senate office as campaign workers. That conviction was later overturned.

These two gentlemen, and I use that word lightly, are what’s wrong with politics. Last year a Gallup poll found that 55% of Americans believe that politicians have low ethics and can’t be trusted.

Ladies and gentlemen of the public I give you exhibit A and B: Rick Scott and Gary Siplin. Two men who have no business holding any type of public office.

Scott still has three years left in office but the Sip is termed out and can’t run again. But if you enjoy the politics of the Sip then don’t fret because he won’t be far away. His wife, Mrs. Victoria Siplin, has decided to take her husband’s political mantle and run with it.

The Sip part duex is running for Senate district 19 in an effort to succeed her husband and continue the policies of the Sip household, which includes that of unethical behavior, empty laws, (see droopy drawers bill) and two-faced votes.

Rick Scott and Gary Siplin: The two political knuckle heads of the week.




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