He’s Not the Enemy!

Ok ladies, it’s your turn. Why is it so hard for us to take constructive criticism from our mate? I have to ask the question, “Are you allowing your other half to be your greatest advocate or worst adversary?”

I was recently talking to a few male colleagues who were lamenting about male-female relationships and how difficult it is to challenge their significant other. They expressed their confusion and frustration with trying to help their wives improve certain areas in their lives, like character traits or habits. From their perspective, making minor suggestions about ways to improve is a definite, “NO WAY!”

Ladies, are you kidding me? You’re not willing to let your husband make you better? I don’t get it. You’ll let your girlfriend challenge you on something, but God forbid your husband challenges you on something he sees that you should change, and all Hell breaks loose. Why is that? Are we too proud to take constructive criticism or input from our husband or boyfriend?

Some guys feel that when they try to suggest ways for their wife to improve herself, they automatically get one of two gestures, “The Heisman” or “Talk to the Hand.”

Look, the truth is we all have things in our character that we need to change and we’d be liars if we said we were perfect.  Whether we choose to accept it or not, we do need our mates help to change some of our negative and damaging traits.

Your man is just trying to show his love and concern. Ultimately, I’ve learned that my husband has my best interest at heart and he’s not trying to belittle me or hurt me. He really wants me to be the best me I can be. Don’t let your pride or attitude keep you from blossoming into a new and improved person. Change the way you view the critique.

Bottom line, we cannot have areas in our life that are hands off to the men closest to us. Not to mention, if you are blessed enough to have a man that wants to help you be better, don’t be stupid–shut up and take the help!


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