Florida’s top mortgage regulator, Don Saxon Urged to Resign

ACORN Joins Call for Florida’s Top Mortgage Regulator to Resign
ACORN will hold two concurrent press conferences Thursday demanding the resignation of Florida’s top mortgage regulator, Don Saxon. A chilling report published this past weekend in the Miami Herald purports Saxon’s agency, the Office of Financial Regulation, issued thousands of licenses to people with criminal histories who then swindled and cheated countless Floridians out of millions of dollars.
ACORN, a community organization that works diligently to expose and prevent predatory and fraudulent lending practices, will rally members Thursday to support Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Alex Sink, in her bid to hold Saxon accountable for failing to exercise the necessary regulatory oversight and the ensuing financial ruin now facing myriad citizens. ACORN urges Saxon’s resignation.
“Don Saxon needs to be held accountable for allowing these crooks to rob Floridians of their homes and livelihoods,” demands Carolyn Patmon, Head of ACORN’s Anti-Foreclosure Committee. “We need to send a message to Tallahassee that we will not allow the mortgage industry continue unabated with little fear of retribution.”
In addition to concerns about OFR’s inattention to mortgage broker practices, Florida ACORN has also expressed concerns about the Agency’s lack of leadership with regard to predatory lending practices more generally. ACORN is calling on OFR to enter into negotiations to arrive at a beefed-up regulatory approach


  1. don saxon has never, at any time, in his life, held a job outside of government. he has no idea what “private industry” or “entrepreneur” means. he is a lazy, incompetent bureaucrat who has outlived his job only due to the corrupt, etc. nature of government itself. he does not know how to admit to mistakes, because he has been trained that he, and those like him, DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES! Boot him out!!!!


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