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The global economic crisis will plunge a further 22 million women into unemployment and make decent work for women increasingly more difficult to find in 2009, predicted a new United Nations report issued today.
A decision has not yet been made, but she still could face the death penalty. The decision won't be made until all the evidence is back and it isn't yet.
Empowering women economically boosts both gender equality and wealth of the nations. This entails enabling the women to have the capacity to control income and other key economic resources like land and animals. Accessing credit is the major constraint on women’s ability to earn income. The Microfinance sector is now taking the African women back to their role of being involved in the economy as they were in dire need of other income generating activities to supplement their small farms which barely fed them. It is estimated that women comprise 74% of the 19.3 million of the world's poorest people now being served by microfinance institutions.
A circuit court judge dealt a serious blow to Casey Anthony's defense, late Monday night, ruling that photographs of Casey can be made public .
Governments must give women a key role in making decisions aimed at resolving the current global economic crisis, which is likely have a serious impact on the full realization of gender equality, a United Nations committee warned today.
According to the UN Children's Fund, rape has been used as a weapon of war in DRC and an estimated 200,000 women and girls have been assaulted over the past 12 years. While sexual violence is rampant and prevalent throughout Congolese society, the area that has been most affected has been the eastern part of the country, particularly the Kivu region.

Lee Anthony Gets Real

Lee Anthony faced tough questioning at the law offices of Morgan and Morgan Friday, in the defamation suit filed against his sister, Casey Anthony. Lee said that he never met or seen Zenaida Gonzalez and that the first time he ever heard her name was in July when Casey mentioned her.
The anxious millions were watching the multi-star Oscar awards ceremony at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Their patience was rewarded, and their prayers were answered. "Slumdog Millionaire," a film about Mumbai and ordeals more familiar than terrorist strikes to the less-fortunate citizens of the country's financial capital, made a spectacular sweep, winning eight awards, including two for iconic music composer A. R. Rahman.
The documents released by the State Attorney's Office reveal several new details about the case of the Orlando girl who was missing for a month before authorities were notified.