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When it comes to handling your personal finances responsibly, there are a few things to keep top of mind.
Mayor Buddy sure does know how to pick them, doesn't he? Here's another scandal to come out of the Dyer administration.
One of the recipients honored at the 2021 Volunteer Awards, held on August 4th, was 17-year-old Quavion Smith.
Superintendent Barbara Jenkins is now mandating face masks for all OCPS employees and visitors while indoors for 30 days.
The Florida Governor's office is responding to updated COVID-19 plans from Orange County officials: "coercive and appears discriminatory on its face."
Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings is calling for mandatory vaccinations for county employees and for all residents to wear face coverings or masks indoors.
Orlando elected officials are warning residents there is a local COVID crisis as the delta variant spreads.
What will it take to get us back to normal? It’s hard to say – but “normal” isn’t what we should strive for. 
What you might not know is that there’s a surprisingly simple way you can help make that happen: The next time you reorganize or redecorate the house, pencil in a trip to Goodwill.