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With so much attention garnered from around the country, many Floridians are debating if Ron DeSantis should be their Governor or their President. 
More than a year after news of the pandemic broke, it’s clear that healing after COVID-19 isn’t as simple as “getting back to work.”
At Goodwill, we diverted 16 million pounds of household items and textiles from Central Florida landfills in the last year alone.
It is important to note that immigrants have different backgrounds, beliefs, and concerns.
As average Americans, we find ourselves in the midst of what is now being referred to as a Culture War.
Social media companies have been under intense scrutiny over the past few years for their influence and seemingly unchecked power on the global social and political process.
Embrace Diversity has already sparked conversations with our foster care system partners throughout the U.S., and has led to a review of our internal policies and procedures to ensure fairness.
When my mom heard about Project COMPASS, she thought it might be a good fit. The more I learned, the more hopeful and excited I felt to start attending classes at my new campus.
Talking about money can be a difficult topic to approach – even in the best of times. But parents certainly face a greater challenge these days. How do you talk about finances when money is tight?